Opening Speech

2014 is one of the most important milepost of Sinochem Hebei Co.,ltd, which we have passed through for 40 years. Not only the hardly 40years witnessed the total context of development of China foreign trade, but also have made great contribution to the growth to the country. During this period of time, the economy has changed from managed economy to market-oriented economy, from single model to multiple patterns. In the process of this development, the staff from Sinochem Hebei paid a great deal of efforts, they suffered a lot as well, several ups and downs. When they met challenges each time, they have bulit the foundation of company by their wisdom and the spirit of dauntless,aggressive,valiant.

Over these years, all staff in Sinochem Hebei kept company’s mission in mind with unlimited exploring through the continuously changes of internal and external environment, condensing employees’’ wisdom and energy as well as complying with the changes of internal and external environment and the development trend, with actively exploring, focusing and improving the ability of technology, producing and selling, improving Connotation of management and effectiveness of quality, deepen the transformation, explicating the direction of the industrial development. Forming a “1+2” strategic development and developing a sustainable development strategy.

Standing at a new historical starting point, today we are facing the profound changes of the situation, both opportunities and challenges exist. The company will still insist the guiding ideology which includes market-oriented, resources and technology supported, lean management guaranteed, improving the quality and effectiveness of development, creating the new situation of strategic transformation.

The company party committee calls for all staff, especially for the Communists and all employees in key positions should maintain the passion for the business, should be creativity and full of courage, we should always maintaining a strong sense of responsibility and mission, carrying forward the spirit of enterprise which can lead a better future and reach a new height. Hardships and glory of yesterday should not be forgotten, we should be responsible for our missions and do not live up to dreams and honors as well as supporting each other, one heart and one mind, overcoming all obstacles and creating a new brilliance.