Business Introduction

Boron materials business mainly operates boron material products, continue to enrich the upstream boron ore, boric acid and other products to obtain resources channels, promote boron carbide and other boron-containing products business to the downstream industry extension; Around the new energy materials in the lithium, cobalt and nickel business chain, expanding its own channels; Titanium and its downstream products extension; Expanding the number of new chemical materials business.

The main products include: Boron ores, boric acid, boron carbide and other boron-containing materials; spodumene, lithium metal, and  lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium sulphate, lithium chloride and other lithium products; Cobalt concentrate, electrolytic cobalt, cobalt hydroxide, cobalt carbonate, cobalt sulfate,cobalt trioxide and other cobalt salt series.; nickel hydroxide, nickel sulfate and other nickel salt series; Titanium concentrates, high-titanium slag and other titanium products; Diphenyl oxide and other chemicals.