Sinochem Culture

Sinochem Hebei has paid great attention to the molding of corporate culture. We try to manage the corporate culture in parallel with daily business operation. We have initiated the construction of corporate culture system including core value, operation principles, and management philosophy and employee codes of conduct. By evolving culture of entrepreneurship, and culture of integrity, culture of efficiency, culture that puts people first, culture that emphasizes corporate citizenship, culture that advocates anti-corruption, and culture of lean management, Sinochem has sharpened its competitive edge which has facilitated the company’s strategic transformation and sustainable development.

Characteristic Culture of Sinochem Hebei

Culture of entrepreneurship: insist “Two Must”, be vigilant in peace time, never slacken efforts, and never stop self-perfection

Culture of integrity: honor the promise, abide by the laws, and be strict in disciplines

Culture of performance: passionately pursue high performance targets

Culture that puts people first: respect, train, and motivate employees to realize a common growth between employees and the company

Culture of responsibility: fulfill the corporate citizenship, create harmony between the stakeholders and the Nature, and give back to the society

incorruptible culture: abide by professional ethics, strictly self-discipline, fight against corruption, and fulfill the duty

Culture of lean management: continue innovation; keep improving, and all staff participation